ColNes is open to consider new journals in its publication portfolio. Whether you are working in a research lab, professional association, university, or simply a researcher interested in establishing a communication channel to share research findings, feel free to send us your proposals.
Journals oriented to any discipline will be assessed as long as their goal is to publish scientific peer-reviewed articles. The evaluation process will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Title. The proposed title should be as unique as possible, avoiding any kind of similarities with old or active journal titles. The title should, somehow, be consistent with the scope of the journal. More than one title can be suggested when filling the proposal form.
  2. Aims and scope. A clear description of the disciplinary coverage, topics, audience and objective of the journal.
  3. Editorial board. We strongly recommend that the proposal be sent by the person interested in playing the role of Editor-in-Chief. Detailed information about the editorial structure and the editorial board members should be stated, including their full names, email addresses, affiliations, countries, and ORCID. The editorial board is one of the most important components at the time to decide on a proposal. For that reason, the suggested editors should be aware of their possible participation if the journal is accepted. The proposed editorial board should be composed of active people in the scientific or academic activity, and their research areas should fall within the scope of the journal. A wide geographical and institutional distribution of the editors will be a positive indicator at the time to make a final decision.
  4. Format. Frequency, average number of articles per year, distribution of articles per issue, peer review method, type of articles, and the type of articles to be peer reviewed.
  5. Support and collaboration. Indicate any type of support that the future journal may receive. The nature of this collaboration and the name of the collaborating subject, be it a university, research center, professional association, or person, must also be stated.

General considerations:

ColNes will not charge authors for publication, and every accepted journal will follow the principles of open access, rigorous peer review process, and transparent editorial practices. We encourage future editors to read our Information for Editors‘ section in advance to be aware of the roles and responsibilities involved in this task.
Submit your proposal to after filling the form enclosed below. The proposal should be accompanied by an updated CV of the Editor-in-Chief. Should you have any questions beyond the information here provided do not hesitate to contact us.