Advanced Notes in Information Science: Volume 1


This book was born in the classroom, written by undergraduate and postgraduate thesis students from different universities around the world. The authors address diverse topics such as digital humanities, library information services, information asymmetry, digital preservation, D-Space, editorial processes, scientific communication, social media metrics (altmetrics), scientometrics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence; but the common thread is the technological and communicative process around information in current contexts. Among the contributions are the review and updating of the state of the art of the aforementioned topics in society.


Editors: Elizabeth Huisa Veria
ISBN: 978-9916-9760-0-5
ISBN: 978-9916-9760-1-2 (PDF)
ISBN: 978-9916-9760-2-9 (EPUB)
ISSN: 2709-7587
eISSN: 2709-3212
DOI: 10.47909/anis.978-9916-9760-0-5
Number of pages: 151
Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese


  1. Humanidades digitais e criatividade: intersecções
  2. Relevance of Akerloff’s theory of information asymmetry for the prevention and control of zoonotic infectious diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspective of Library and Information Services Provision
  3. D-Space, makerspace, and hackerspace in cyberspace: Cybersecurity strategies for digital preservation of library resources in the post-Covid-19 pandemic
  4. Concepciones teóricas a los procesos editoriales en revistas científicas desde un enfoque regulatorio
  5. Almetrics: una revisión bibliométrica desde el 2015 hasta el 2020
  6. Realidade virtual e realidade aumentada no turismo: Indicativo de uso por órgãos governamentais em estados brasileiros
  7. User-centred prototype to support wellbeing and isolation of software developers using smartwatches