Does it have any cost to publish conference proceedings?

No, there is no cost for publishing in our book series, journals, or proceedings.

I am a conference organizer and would like to publish its proceedings, what publication opportunities do you offer?

We have a portfolio of several book series and conference proceedings. We recommend that you consult their scope and send us your publication proposal.

Do you accept the publication of an article that was presented at a conference?

Yes, but in these cases, it must be extended with new content and its title must be different from the one presented at the conference. It is also important

Can I upload an article that is not yet submitted or is under evaluation to a repository?

Yes, this is possible and will not be considered as plagiarism or redundant publication.

After submitting an article, I noticed that some metadata is incorrect, can this be corrected?

Yes, send us the reference of your submission, as well as your paper ID.

Where can I report editorial malpractices regarding the processing of my article?

Send us an email to describing the incident in detail, as well as the ID of your submission.

What indexing status do your publications have?

Information on content indexing is available on the respective page of every single publication.

What kind of books can be published in ColNes Publishing?

We publish monographs, textbooks, professional books, and other books derived from event proceedings and edited volumes.

Are Article Processing Charges (APCs) applied to authors for publication?

No, there are no APCs for processing or publishing articles, chapters, and books.