ColNes Publishing is a company that offers publishing, technology, and consulting services for the academic sector. We offer the authors the opportunity to publish research and teaching materials through journals, books, proceedings, and textbooks oriented to all disciplines. Our commitment to science and its publication process means that we work focused on complying with the principles of a transparent, accessible, and reusable science for the whole society.


Our mission is to offer universities, research centers, and the publishing industry in general, a wide variety of high-quality editorial, technological, and strategic services.


Our vision is to become a leading and prestigious company in the extensive market of the academic publishing industry.


  • Sustainability: we have the responsibility to comply with our business objective and with the legal frameworks related to the established economic, social and environmental environment.
  • Social commitment: we are committed to the transparency of our business management and we work hard to be a responsible company committed to social development, integrity, and citizen ethics.
  • Innovation: we are committed to change, continuous improvement, and new ways of offering our products and services.
  • Efficiency: we seek to offer quality products and services with a minimum of resources and in a reasonable time for our clients.
  • Efficiency: we are committed to meeting our goals in such a way that our clients feel total satisfaction.
  • Cooperation: we seek to establish healthy, ethical, and constructive cooperation networks among our workers, clients, partners, and society in general, to form more committed, and responsible citizens.
  • Active listening: we listen with attention and dedication to our workers, partners, and clients to generate empathetic and fruitful communication.
  • Service attitude: our priority is customer satisfaction and, in this sense, we focus all our efforts so that they feel satisfied after interacting with us.
  • Respect and tolerance: we respect and tolerate all diversity of thought, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, physical differences, sexual orientation, and political ideologies in our work and social environment. We show empathy with the problems of others to maintain a harmonious space of inclusion.